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Minuteman: Helping Businesses Grow for Over 40 Years

Minuteman Press International was once again rated the #1 Printing Franchise in the printing industry by Entrepreneur Magazine (January, 2015) This is the 22nd time overall that we have achieved this stellar rating.

You can get information on printing and print related products right here on our website. Plus, you can find out how to become a Minuteman Press franchise owner and join the hundreds of existing owners across the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

And, of course, this site also allows you to easily find the closest Minuteman Press store to you whether it be in North America, Australia, the UK, or South Africa.


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  • Easing hospital stays with the help of print

    One way that a visit to a hospital can be made more comfortable is by providing a distraction. A stationery printing firm can create coloring sheets, picture booklets, and other items that can be provided to families that visit the facilities. Older children and teens may appreciate materials that better explain why they need medical care, the procedures that they might have, and why they need them. This can help to alleviate fear of the unknown.

  • The perils of print errors

    It’s easy to underestimate the responsibilities involved in professional printing, but those involved in the industry should always be aware that mistakes are not an option. A high-profile example of the importance of accuracy occurred in the UK recently, when thousands of copies of the newly released Harper Lee book, ‘Go Set a Watchman’, ended up with text missing on some pages due to a printing error.

  • Sizing up paper around the world

    Americans will be familiar with the common paper sizes of ‘letter’, ‘ledger’, and ‘tabloid’, but did you know that these are rarely used outside of this continent? Instead, the rest of the world uses the ISO 216 standard.

    Most paper within this standard comes from the A Series, which includes 11 different sizes. The biggest of these is A0, which measures 1,189mm long and 841mm wide. A1 is half this size, and A2 is in turn half the size of A1. In each case, the width of the paper becomes the length of the one smaller than it. This series extends right down to A10, which is about the size of a postage stamp at 26mm x 37mm. The most regularly used size is A4, which is similar to ‘letter’ paper over here.

  • How print companies can help nurseries grow

    Many people have an interest in gardening, but not always the knowledge they need to get the most from their patch of green. When they visit a nursery, they often have a lot of questions to ask about which plants would be the best choice for them, and after they have made their selections and left for home, they may want to know even more. Brochure printers can produce pamphlets that customers can take with them so that they will know exactly how to care for their purchase.

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