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Minuteman: Helping Businesses Grow for Over 40 Years

Minuteman Press International was once again rated the #1 Printing Franchise in the printing industry by Entrepreneur Magazine (January, 2015) This is the 22nd time overall that we have achieved this stellar rating.

You can get information on printing and print related products right here on our website. Plus, you can find out how to become a Minuteman Press franchise owner and join the hundreds of existing owners across the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

And, of course, this site also allows you to easily find the closest Minuteman Press store to you whether it be in North America, Australia, the UK, or South Africa.


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  • How can print respond to America’s shift in eating patterns?

    Studies indicate that up to 86% percent of Americans snack, which is a rise of 47% over 2010, and frequent small snacks throughout the day are being substituted for the more traditional three main meals. However, the research also shows that snacking choices are becoming healthier, with junk food being shunned in favor of fruit and grain options.

    This presents a new world for marketers, who can choose to reflect this information in their promotional efforts. For example, restaurants can have printing companies produce special table display cards that let their customers know about their healthier, smaller portion sizes, which will fit in well with the developing trends in eating.

  • Tackling privacy concerns through print

    For example, brochure printers can help to design and create informational pamphlets that explain this information using everyday language. They can even be provided to potential customers before they make their purchase, giving them more choice as to whether or not they want to use a form of technology that can share their information.

  • Could U.S. Olympic Games bid see print surge?

    The spectators who come out to watch their favorite athletes take part will also provide a customer base for many different types of printed materials. Poster printing companies can create posters and other items, and people will likely also wish to purchase the likes of souvenir T-shirts, postcards, and pre-printed photos for the athletes to autograph.

  • Relaxed travel rules could mean good news for printing companies

    A printing company can also produce other items for those firms that will be assisting travelers in arranging a visit to Cuba. They can print items like travel catalogs, tour guides and pamphlets, printed T-shirts, travel bags, and even custom printed lanyards for the tourists to wear.

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