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  • How jobseekers can make the most from a career fair

    For many people, a career fair is an ideal way to make face-to-face contact with a large number of potential employers all at the same time. They can also get to network with others in their chosen field, but in order to make the most of the opportunity, it’s important that they take certain steps. This is where printing plays a primary role.

    It’s important to have résumés and business cards on hand to give out while circulating through the fair. A business card printing firm or professional printing company will be able to provide these, as well as advice on the best types to use.

  • Maryland university’s brochures given a boost

    Those interested in a career in medicine would be well advised to give John’s Hopkins University a second look, according to the US News and World Report. The high praise gives the University plenty to highlight in future brochure and catalog printing.

  • Northeast’s wintry weather has an upside

    The cold weather and heavy snowfalls that have recently blanketed the northeastern portions of the country may be an unpleasant fact of life to many, but for those who help people book vacations to a warmer climate, they are a welcome sight. For them, business is booming.

  • Could Spring Break see tourist spots spring to life?

    The busiest time for travel will be the week around March 15, and most plan on spending less than $1,000 each, with many hoping to share a room with as many people as possible to save on costs.

    This large influx of tourists to an area can be good news for local businesses. Brochure printers can create promotional pamphlets enticing students to visit an area, while poster printing firms can help to create signage and other items that encourage them to patronize hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and other establishments once they arrive at their selected destination.

  • U.S. sees change in future of employment prospects

    The number one slot is taken by dentists, with nurse practitioners, software developers, and doctors close behind. Dental hygienists, physical therapists, computer systems analysts, information security analysts, registered nurses, and physicians’ assistants complete the list. These fields showed great potential for growth and future job prospects.

    Those interested in finding work in one of these areas will need to have the right sort of educational background and experience. Companies interested in making sure that there are plenty of future potential employees in these fields can use the services of brochure printers and other print companies to create materials that let current high school and university students know what they are looking for.

  • Getting to the heart of health through print

    February is Heart Month in the United States, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reminded everyone about its Million Hearts program, and encouraged people to take part.

    The program, which is designed to encourage simple and healthy lifestyle changes, is seeking to curb the number of heart attacks and strokes by one million per year by 2017. In order to help make this possible, they are asking people to visit the website and take the Million Hearts pledge.

  • High-achieving hotels have purpose for print

    Earning a high spot on the list can result in more people choosing a particular hotel when they make their travel plans. A printing company can prepare packages of promotional materials, such as full color brochures that let potential guests know that the hotel has been honored. The designation as a top 10 hotel can also be included on digital business cards and other promotional tools.

    A stationery printing company can be counted on to help add all the little extra touches that make a particular establishment stand out above the rest. For example, it can print high quality hotel guest stationery on bond paper. It’s a small thing, but an example of how minor touches can mean a lot when it comes to providing the kind of customer satisfaction that earns a hotel a high rank on prestigious lists.

  • U.S. manufacturing return could benefit suppliers too

    For American companies, the benefits of having their factories located domestically are obvious. They can keep a better eye on quality control, there is less chance of their designs being copied, and they are at a minimal risk of issues within their supply chain. Wages in nations like China are also starting to rise, making manufacturing products overseas less cost effective.

  • How can print respond to America’s shift in eating patterns?

    Studies indicate that up to 86% percent of Americans snack, which is a rise of 47% over 2010, and frequent small snacks throughout the day are being substituted for the more traditional three main meals. However, the research also shows that snacking choices are becoming healthier, with junk food being shunned in favor of fruit and grain options.

    This presents a new world for marketers, who can choose to reflect this information in their promotional efforts. For example, restaurants can have printing companies produce special table display cards that let their customers know about their healthier, smaller portion sizes, which will fit in well with the developing trends in eating.

  • Tackling privacy concerns through print

    For example, brochure printers can help to design and create informational pamphlets that explain this information using everyday language. They can even be provided to potential customers before they make their purchase, giving them more choice as to whether or not they want to use a form of technology that can share their information.

  • Could U.S. Olympic Games bid see print surge?

    The spectators who come out to watch their favorite athletes take part will also provide a customer base for many different types of printed materials. Poster printing companies can create posters and other items, and people will likely also wish to purchase the likes of souvenir T-shirts, postcards, and pre-printed photos for the athletes to autograph.

  • Relaxed travel rules could mean good news for printing companies

    A printing company can also produce other items for those firms that will be assisting travelers in arranging a visit to Cuba. They can print items like travel catalogs, tour guides and pamphlets, printed T-shirts, travel bags, and even custom printed lanyards for the tourists to wear.

  • Retail numbers up for November

    According to the latest statistics, retail sales are on the rise, representing good news both for retailers themselves and the firms that provide them with materials and other forms of support.

    The Action Economics results from November show that sales rose by 0.7%, mostly due to the gains in the number of purchases of such items as building supplies, clothing, and vehicles. This is the biggest increase since March, and it is expected that people will continue to buy in greater numbers with the arrival of the holidays.

  • How can the print industry help a giving society?

    There are many others ways that printing companies can lend a hand, such as producing event decorations like banners and signage, as well as announcements, invitations, pledge sheets, and even T-shirts and race bibs for events like fun runs or walkathons.

  • Study shows American paper prudence

    In the 2014 sustainability report released by the American Forest and Paper Association, it was noted that 63% of the paper in the U.S. is recovered and remade into new papers, or other products that contain high levels of post-consumer product recycled waste. This translates into an additional 230,000 tons of boxboard, cardboard, and other papers being diverted from landfills, and fewer trees needing to be harvested.

  • Traditional print advertising in the new U.S. marketplace

    Though advertising is increasingly being carried out via digital media, the notion that printed advertising is disappearing as a result couldn’t be more wrong. In today’s multimedia world, it’s vital that advertisers build an overall ‘brand experience’, and traditional promotional methods have a great role to play here, as part of an overall media campaign that combines digital, television and radio, and printed materials produced by a professional print company.

  • Ring in the New Year with print

    No matter what form of celebration it may take, New Year’s Eve parties are always made even more festive by using colorful decorations and party favors. Custom-printed ones are especially appealing, as the revelers who took part will be able to take them home as souvenirs at the end of the night. Print companies can provide these, as well as such items as invitations, flyers and other printed materials to help spread the word about the event.

    For celebrations with a business theme, business card printing orders are also likely to increase, with professionals becoming increasingly aware that recreational opportunities can still offer a chance to network and grow a business.

  • How printing can aid the tourism industry

    Choosing the right time to have promotional items printed by a printing company and then sent out is vital. Those looking to plan their summer vacation often like to start to make their plans in the spring, while those looking for a warm weather winter getaway would be more responsive in the fall and early winter.

  • U.S. businesses face challenges despite growth

    As is typical of periods of economic growth, there will be spinoff benefits to companies that provide them with services. Printing companies provide an excellent example of this. As manufacturing continues to ramp up, companies in this sector will need the likes of printed packaging, promotional materials, and product catalogs. Print companies can provide these services, as well as any other print needs their customers may have.

  • How information can combat crises

    The beauty of techniques like brochure and poster printing is that they are widely accessible and given increased authenticity. While digital content is often skim-read, printed notifications tend to be more thoroughly absorbed.

  • How can printing companies lower healthcare costs

    A printing company can assist with the document scanning process that converts the old paper files to the new digital format, which is often less expensive and more efficient that doing it in house.

  • How the food service industry uses print to meet consumer demand

    Menus can be included with each order, which will keep the restaurant in the mind of the consumer the next time they need food delivered. Another way that print companies can help to increase sales is to prepare small customized promotional items such bulk-mailed flyers, coupons, and business cards. Those specializing in stationery printing, meanwhile, can assist in the products of presentation folders, letterheads, and fridge magnets.

  • Making a manual mean business

    Manuals can include a lot more than just plain printed text; some might have color inserts and transparencies, as well as colorful and sturdy tabs to help find information more quickly. Some popular types of bindings include a three-ring system that offers easy replacement of pages without reprinting the entire manual again, comb binding to allow the manual to lie flat, and spiral binding, which is the most flexible option and allows the pages to fold back.

  • Why businesses should send holiday cards

    Once the summer comes to an end, it is inevitably not long before the first murmurings of Christmas and the holidays begin to be heard. For businesses, one of the many festive matters that need to be addressed is the ordering and distribution of holiday cards.

  • How printed coupons help to bring in the business

    Coupons can be printed in full color or black and white, and on paper, cardboard, or stickers. Businesses should always discuss ideas with print companies so that, together, they can come up with a perfect design.

  • What is variable data printing?

    Often shortened to VDP, variable data printing is a digital process that allows companies to customize their advertising materials and tailor them to the customers who receive them. The idea behind it is to increase open rates and connect with recipients on a more personal level.

    VDP allows for certain text, graphics, and images to be customized during a print job without slowing down the production. This is often used for sending letters to customers when a personal reply would be appreciated, or for sending out invoices. It can also be used for direct marketing to consumers, advertising, and the addressing of items such as postcards and brochures.

  • The crux of catalogs

    Many people, when they think of a catalog, might have something like the Sears publication in mind; a picture book that allows people to order items from the comfort of their own home. Catalogs, however, can be so much more than that.

  • Brochures are a versatile form of advertising

    There are many different designs of brochures that fit every kind of use. Some of the most well-known designs incorporate folds such as half, tri, single gate, four panel, Z, accordion, roll, and the die-cut ‘Z fold’. As the name signifies, the half fold is a piece of paper folded in two and used for simple presentations, while the Z variety consists of two folds resulting in six surfaces – often used in direct mailings. The die cut, on the other hand, is partly cut away to reveal what is printed on the other pages, and is typically a favorite at trade shows.

  • Wedding invitations – what role does print play?

    In terms of printing techniques, letterpress is currently the most popular form of creating wedding invitations. The print is usually indented and raised very slightly, and it is typically used for more traditional looking invitations printed on bulkier paper, such as that made with cotton fiber. To print these invitations, a metal plate is carved, set by hand, and pressed into the paper. In most cases, it only uses one or two tones and is usually printed on lightly colored paper. Due to the care and precision involved, the process can take from two weeks to two months.

  • The rise of digital techniques in printing

    Usually done in small format, digital methods lend themselves especially well to business printing. This includes items like digital business cards, envelopes, signs, and letterheads. One of the main boons of digital printing for business is that it cuts costs; not only because of the lack of printing plates, but also because items can be printed to order, resulting in much less wasted paper. There are several methods used in digital printing, including dye sublimation, which is often used for proofs, and thermal wax, which is used in transparencies.

  • Print methods the focus of SkillsUSA Competition

    The event was chaired by Mike Stinnett and Kip Jarrett. The facilities in which the events took place featured six digital presses, five sheet-fed offset printers, three paper folders, a cutter, workstations, and interview and testing areas. The equipment was provided by a range of printing companies and manufacturers.

  • Nevada expo to showcase the newest technology and information

    The expo, which is expected to attract over 500 exhibitors, is aimed at those who work for printing companies and other graphic design organizations. There will be several meals included, along with networking receptions, seminars, and machinery demonstrations throughout the three-day event.

  • Annual conference to honor Florida printers

    The Print Management Conference is taking place in Buena Vista, Florida at the end of this month, hosted by the Printing Association of Florida (PAF). The first day of the conference will feature the Association's membership meeting and, naturally, is open to members only.

  • Fall convention to have everything in one package

    Label Expo Americas is taking place for three days this September in Rosemont, Illinois. It is aimed at those who work in the label and packaging industries, as well as those printing companies that provide the finished product.

  • Print education association holds annual conference this summer

    The conference will feature workshops, presentation, seminars, and networking events. On the first day, guests can attend a dinner and President's reception at Kehoe Center. Attendees can also sign up for various tours of local printing companies and nearby attractions, such as the Cleveland Museum of Art or Cedar Point amusement park. Some of the topics of discussion during the conferences are expected to include digital to print, sustainability, and 3D printing. Attendees can chose between classroom instruction, video track, or web track.

  • Annual meeting to discuss the evolution of print

    The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) is holding its annual summer meeting this July in Cleveland, Ohio. The topic of the meeting will be about how print is changing and evolving. Attendees will find out the results of two research reports – one that examines the printing trends surrounding labels and tags, and another that looks at the applications of commercial print.

  • How to ensure a pop-up is successful

    A ‘pop-up’ store is one that appears in the community for a short period of time, and the idea appeals to many business owners who do not want to commit to a long-term enterprise. There are, however, many things to consider when a business decides that this is something that they want to do, and a professional print company can help out in many respects.

  • Two graphic communications awards become one

    Organizers of the Franklin Event (held by the Printing Industries Alliance) and the Luminaire Awards (presented by the IDEAlliance) have decided to join forces this year and host the Franklin Luminaire Awards reception.

  • Symposium promotes the use of gravure in commercial printing

    The symposium will no doubt attract those who work for packaging, marketing, and printing companies – particularly those who want to keep up with the latest industry technology. It will also be an excellent networking opportunity, and there should be many chances to talk with like-minded professionals and exchange business cards.

    Gravure is an intaglio printing process that is used in the manufacturing of a variety of printed products, including catalogs, magazine supplements, gift wrapping, and floor coverings.

  • Printing association brings training to all

    Offering online training and education makes learning accessible to all of those who work for graphics and print companies throughout the country. It means that employees who need to know the latest techniques of their trade will not need to take time off work or travel to other cities, thus saving them both time and money.

  • Online giants launch new logos

    Both of these services still invest in traditional printing services for advertising via billboards, posters, magazines, and signs. As with any company that makes these types of logo, any company stationery must be changed, new business cards must be printed, and, in Netflix's case, mailing envelopes will need to be reprinted should it start a full rollout of the new design.

  • Upcoming tradeshow offers opportunity for printers

    While the emphasis of the show is on advertising, there will be lots of opportunity for the likes of banner printing and sign printing companies to promote their products. Among the companies already confirmed for the trade show are those that produce labels, promotional items, large-format printing, and signage.

  • Nominations open for Best Workplace in the Americas

    The program is open to those who work for graphics communications, printing companies, and their suppliers in the United States and Canada. Nominees will be judged on a number of different criteria, such as management practices, financial security, health and wellness programs, training and development opportunities, work environment, work-life balance, rewards, and health and safety in the workplace. The submission form asks questions under each category to help the judges assess the nominees and come to a conclusion on the most deserving entry.

  • Florida presents the full package next month

    Next month sees the Tappi Place Conference take place over three days in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The emphasis is mainly on flexible packaging and the businesses that make it possible, including print companies, retailers, converters, and supplies.

  • Annual book trade event to return to NYC

    There will be several different events taking place during the expo, including a Global Market Forum, BEA Bloggers, and the IDPP Digital Book and MIP conference. A session called ‘Book Con’ is expected to feature panel discussions, autograph sessions, and even quiz shows, although these are aimed at consumers rather than those in the trade.

  • Roadshow to introduce the latest in printing technology

    Those who attend will learn about the latest technology in printing, especially those involving flexography and prepress technology. Sessions will cover workflow, color management, offset and gravure, and pre-production.

  • Conference set to introduce technology developments in printing

    The event will allow those who work in the commercial printing companies and manufacturing industry to find out some of its latest technology developments, talk about challenges they face, and share solutions.

  • Orlando expo to highlight the latest in signs

    The expo will feature a trade show during its last three days, at which the latest products and sign printing services will be on display. Guests will also have a chance to get advice from a wide array of professionals. The numerous networking events taking place during the expo will also give those in the industry an opportunity to meet their peers and find out what is new in sign printing.

    This event should attract a number of prominent figures representing sign and banner printing companies. No doubt digital business cards will be exchanged heavily during the four days.

  • APHA annual conference welcomes proposals

    The theme of this year's conference will be ‘Paper on the Press’. Members of both organizations are asked to submit proposals for 20-minute presentations or 50-minute group panels. They are also looking for ideas for demonstrations of 30 or 60 minutes in length.

    Topics are expected to be centered around paper and how it has been used by printers throughout history. The Association has added some more ideas for topics such as ‘The demands of the Stanhope press’, ‘The recent arrival of ‘digital’ papers’, and ‘Handmade paper in artist books’.

  • Dallas to host BIA’s annual meet-up

    The Binding Industries Association (BIA) is holding its annual conference beginning at the end this month in Dallas, Texas. It is aimed not only at those in the binding industry, but also suppliers, graphic finishers, printing companies, and loose leaf manufacturers.

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