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  • Florida presents the full package next month

    Next month sees the Tappi Place Conference take place over three days in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The emphasis is mainly on flexible packaging and the businesses that make it possible, including print companies, retailers, converters, and supplies.

  • Annual book trade event to return to NYC

    There will be several different events taking place during the expo, including a Global Market Forum, BEA Bloggers, and the IDPP Digital Book and MIP conference. A session called ‘Book Con’ is expected to feature panel discussions, autograph sessions, and even quiz shows, although these are aimed at consumers rather than those in the trade.

  • Roadshow to introduce the latest in printing technology

    Those who attend will learn about the latest technology in printing, especially those involving flexography and prepress technology. Sessions will cover workflow, color management, offset and gravure, and pre-production.

  • Conference set to introduce technology developments in printing

    The event will allow those who work in the commercial printing companies and manufacturing industry to find out some of its latest technology developments, talk about challenges they face, and share solutions.

  • Orlando expo to highlight the latest in signs

    The expo will feature a trade show during its last three days, at which the latest products and sign printing services will be on display. Guests will also have a chance to get advice from a wide array of professionals. The numerous networking events taking place during the expo will also give those in the industry an opportunity to meet their peers and find out what is new in sign printing.

    This event should attract a number of prominent figures representing sign and banner printing companies. No doubt digital business cards will be exchanged heavily during the four days.

  • APHA annual conference welcomes proposals

    The theme of this year's conference will be ‘Paper on the Press’. Members of both organizations are asked to submit proposals for 20-minute presentations or 50-minute group panels. They are also looking for ideas for demonstrations of 30 or 60 minutes in length.

    Topics are expected to be centered around paper and how it has been used by printers throughout history. The Association has added some more ideas for topics such as ‘The demands of the Stanhope press’, ‘The recent arrival of ‘digital’ papers’, and ‘Handmade paper in artist books’.

  • Dallas to host BIA’s annual meet-up

    The Binding Industries Association (BIA) is holding its annual conference beginning at the end this month in Dallas, Texas. It is aimed not only at those in the binding industry, but also suppliers, graphic finishers, printing companies, and loose leaf manufacturers.

  • Conference to feature leaders in the printing industry

    The summit will be a chance for those who work for printing companies all over the United States to share their successes and to help educate their peers on best practices in the industry. The main emphasis will be on promoting leadership, embracing new technology, and getting better sales results.

  • Major print associations undergo merger

    The Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSP), the National Association for Print Leadership (NAPL), and the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP) have recently merged into one organization.

  • Upcoming conference provides lowdown on UV printing

    The conference will feature several guest speakers, networking receptions, and an executive round table panel. It will largely be aimed at those who work for printing companies and suppliers who wish to learn more about UV printing and all of its aspects. There will also be discussion about UV print initiatives and how it will affect the future of printing. The keynote speaker will be Marco Boer, who will provide the results of the Global UV Market Study.

  • Why rebranding can call for printing services

    When a name change has been decided upon, this is just the beginning of an often long period before it is accepted by the public. In addition to the name, the logo is also usually changed, and this new look must be present on all the company stationery, vehicles must be repainted, and any advertising posters have to be disposed of.

  • Reports predict positive 2014 for print industry

    According to experts, print marketing is expected to be just as successful in 2014 as it has been in the past. A study by media and advertising company BIA Kelsey has stated that direct mail of printed advertising still makes up 43% of total retail advertising in local areas, while another study of small business owners by mail equipment company Pitney Bowes found that 76% of them believe that the ideal strategy is to combine print and digital marketing.

  • Annual print competition to open next month

    A large number of categories are covered, including presentation folders, booklets, catalogs, business and annual reports, stationery and office materials, and finishing techniques. There are also a number of digital printing recognitions among the categories.

  • Print Magazine seeks entries for its annual design competition

    Print Magazine is currently accepting submissions for its 32nd Regional Design Annual. It is open to designers, typographers, illustrators, and photographers from all over the United States, many of whom are employed by graphics and printing companies.

  • Graphics of the Americas returns to Miami Beach

    The 2014 Graphics of the Americas Expo and Conference is taking place in just under two months’ time in Miami Beach. It is a presentation of the Printing Association of Florida (PAF). This annual event attracts those who work for graphic communications and printing companies from North, Central, and South America.

  • Making print marketing environmentally friendly

    There are many ways in which organizations can make their printed products more eco-friendly and, despite popular belief, such products will not necessarily raise the prices significantly. The first way in which firms can address the issue is by checking whether the printing company they hire is able to work with recycled paper. While glossy promotional material is eye-catching on one hand, some companies might want to extoll their eco-conscious mentality by showing that they market themselves with recycled material. The paper industry uses 11% of all trees cut down in the United States and replants three times as many trees as it pulls up. Thanks to this, there are now more forests in the country than there were 50 years ago.

  • Cal Poly set to present International Printing Week

    Representatives from publishers, printing companies, and equipment manufacturers come from all over the country to attend this event and to find new employees. Each company in attendance will present a table top display for students to look over in the morning. After a catered luncheon, those who are interested will meet with representatives from the companies for which they would most like to work.

  • Entries being accepted for Product of Excellence Awards

    The Binding Industries Association (BIA) is currently accepting entries for the 2014 Product of Excellence Awards. These are open to those who work for a variety of industries, including printing companies, binding suppliers, graphic designers, or any company that produces printed copy.

  • Print museum’s Christmas celebration sells out early

    The entire museum will be done up like Fezziwig's warehouse, with special presentations, carolers, and period music adding to the occasion. Guests will also be able to print their own Victorian holiday cards using antique presses from the 1850s. As a special treat, an actor playing Charles Dickens will be reading from ‘A Christmas Carol’, and characters from the novel will be wandering about.

  • Honor Society inducts new group of printing professionals

    The Society was founded in 2005, and the honor is given to those who are recognized leaders in their field and have made a lasting contribution to the continued improvement of the graphics and printing industries. In past years, several people have been inducted posthumously.

  • Quality holiday card haul the target for troop-focused group

    Initially set up specifically to spread festive cheer and gratitude to those serving overseas during Christmas, the program will also focus on troops in America this year, keeping in mind that they still might not be able to spend Christmas at home with their families. Numbers of cards shipped in previous years have topped the 400,000 mark.

  • Printed books remain in high demand, study shows

    With environmental matters being a heavy focus of the industry, recent green measures have shown the industry to be highly adaptable. Many books are printed on demand, thus avoiding a backlog of unsold books and the waste of materials resulting from it. Print on demand does not cost the consumer any more money and can be sent to the purchaser within days.

  • PRIMIRy reasons to be in Chicago next month

    The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) is holding its 2013 Winter Meeting in just over a month’s time in Chicago.

    The three-day assembly will report on the findings of recently completed studies on such matters as global markets for the print industry and how packaging is developing in areas like Latin America and South Asia. The results will be presented to those in attendance and then members will have the opportunity to discuss them at length.

  • Arizona conference to unveil true colors

    The main theme of the conference is helping businesses to use color effectively. Touching on brand colors, production color control, and following color standards, it has all been put together to help print companies lower their production costs and waste levels. There will be new information from ink manufacturers, seminars on basic aspects of color management, and a hands-on Mac Lab.

  • NAQP conference just the job for small commercial printers

    The conference is set to bring management issues to the forefront and allow commercial printing companies share their strategies and solutions to issues that face everyone in the industry. It will consist of a range of speakers, a reception, several luncheons, hands-on sessions, panel discussions, and a supplier showcase.

  • Printing associates line up for November NPES event

    The NPES 2013 conference is taking place over two days this November in Orlando, Florida, hosted by the Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, originally known as the National Printing Equipment Association. The event is likely to attract both those who work with printing companies and those looking to market towards the industry.

  • New standard offers a framework for printing companies

    This standard is just one of many that printing companies have implemented to encourage environmental sustainability. These includes investing in recycled paper from renewable sources, increasing their use of soy or vegetable based inks, recycling any waste paper they produce, and making sure to dispose of any dangerous chemicals in a safe and sustainable way.

  • The pick of print awards in the U.S.

    The graphics and printing industry hands out numerous awards every year; all of which are important in that they showcase the true talent and innovation existing in the sector, while also giving others something to work towards.

  • Print workflow training on the way from the IDEAlliance

    ‘IDEAlliance Process Control Training: Optimize your Creative and Print Workflow’ will be taking place in Boston, Massachusetts over three days in early October. It is hosted by the International Digital Enterprise Alliance and is a continuation of the IDEAlliance G7 Expert, Professional and Master Program.

    The training is aimed at those employed by graphics and printing companies who, at the end of a three-day course, should have a better understanding of how to take their company to the next level of success.

  • Print in the picture at upcoming PIA event

    Those who attend the workshop will design and produce a printed piece from beginning to end using prepress, pressroom, and bindery equipment. They will learn about workflow, desktop publishing and design, and a variety of printing processes, including flexography, offset lithography and digital printing, color reproduction and theory, and digital printing. Information on bindery operations will show how to give printed items the finishing touch.

  • Expo to highlight latest in printing technology and equipment

    The Specialty Printing and Imaging Technology SGIA Expo is taking place in Orlando, Florida for three days in October, with the IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo and the Advanced Textiles Conference and Trade Show set to run at the same time. All three are bound to be of great interest to those working for printing companies.

  • Print 13 set to take place in Chicago

    This important meeting showcases the latest printing technology and provides educational opportunities for those who work for graphic design or printing companies. Guests will be able to meet and talk to experts in their field, attend educational seminars, take part in giveaways, work in computer labs, and attend the Premier Print Awards Gala.

  • Conference aimed at the publishing industry coming to New York City

    The Publishing Business Conference and Expo, sponsored by Interquest, is taking place in New York City this September for three days. This conference will be of interest to publishers, printers, and suppliers.

  • NRG Systems rebrand about to set sail

    Vermont-based NRG Systems is changing its name to Renewable NRG Systems, Inc as part of a rebrand expected to take place over the next few months. A name change will no doubt mean that the company logos must all be changed wherever they appear. Due to the volume of work and alteration that usually occurs in the event of a rebrand, businesses undergoing one often work with a professional printing company, which can help to replace all of the office stationery including business cards, envelopes, memos, and writing paper.

  • Daytona Beach newspaper gets a makeover

    The Daytona Beach News-Journal has just undergone a major redesign, and the team behind it says the layout is cleaner, the paper is narrower, and the text is larger and easier to read. The design was chosen after the newspaper consulted with its editors and designers, as well as public focus groups.

  • How printing has gone green with recycled paper

    Paper can be recycled numerous times, although six is often the limit before the fibers break down are unable to make a material of a good standard. There are different grades of quality even among types of recycled paper, however, so companies and individuals using them should consider the job at hand and perhaps ask their printing company for advice.

  • Getting the most out of a printing order

    When hiring a professional printing company, it is important for businesses to remember that the cost of asking an expert to carry out their printing rather than doing it themselves will likely be returned to them through an increase in profits, thanks to the items’ professional look and feel. When hiring a printer, there are some things to remember in order to get the most out of the order.

  • Choosing ink to suit a printing purpose

    One of the most important choices to be made when printing is the decision of what type of ink to use. The crucial thing to remember is that there are two different kinds that have very different outcomes: pigmented ink and dye-based ink. Of course, a professional printing company can advise people tasked with carrying out a printing project on the type that suits it best.

  • The importance of font choice in any printing job

    One of the most important choices that can be made about a printing design is the choice of which fonts to use. We may not always consciously realize it, but fonts are frequently what draw people to look at printed matter. Striking graphics might first catch their eyes, but it's important they will be able to read what it says.

  • Making catalog printing pay for itself

    In order for a catalog to be successful, it must be attractive to potential customer or clients. This can be done by having a cover photograph, or set of images, that are pleasing to the eye and will encourage people to pick it up. The colors used in the catalog should ideally match the colors that appear in the company logo, as this helps increase brand recognition.

  • Selling a company through business cards

    There is no denying that business cards are among the most important tools a business person can possess. They are what allow people to keep in touch with companies and gives the recipient a first impression of a business. It is therefore important that a lot of thought goes into the printing of the. While business owners and entrepreneurs might be tempted to make cards themselves, hiring a professional printing company will provide them with the highest quality of business cards.

  • Why professionally printed labels save time and money

    Professionally printed labels stand up to the daily wear and tear much better than those done in-house. They are less prone to being scratched and to the ink being smudged, and they hold up to water damage much more effectively. Taking into account the time it takes for an employee to find the correct labels for the purpose, design what is going on them, print them while putting up with printer problems, and then attach them to whatever they are for, hiring a professional printing company can actually save company money by eliminating the need to take an employee away from their everyday job. Aside from this, it will give them a much higher quality label as well.

  • Stepping up printing marketing through brochures

    There might come a time when a company that has depended on flyer or postcard printing to advertise itself feels it wants to go one step further. In many cases, the next step is to unveil a brochure. Printing companies can often provide brochures for little more than the cost of flyers.

  • Why branding forms the building blocks of business success

    Since it is what defines a business and what makes it appealing to those who transact with it, the importance of branding cannot be overlooked. A poorly designed brand can be the difference between a company succeeding and failing, so it is worth remembering that a local graphic arts or printing company can help a business design and create a brand.

  • Printing needn’t cost a ream

    There are many occasions on which a business may need items to be printed by a commercial printing company. In-house printing is not suitable in all instances and sometimes a company needs a high quality product. This could be for such means as annual reports, important advertising campaigns, business cards, and office stationery.

  • Reflecting the time of year through marketing

    The change of the seasons often means that many people find that their interests also change, making it important for such variations to be reflected in marketing. Printing companies are aware of this, and can suggest ideas for products such as flyers and postcards that will match any time of year.

  • Making the most of outdoor advertising

    Now that the warmer weather has arrived in most of the United States and more people are venturing out of their houses, outdoor advertising has become more important than ever.

    Some people might instantly picture billboards when they think of outdoor advertising, but they are just a part of it. Outdoor advertising obtained from printing companies can also include posters, banners, and signs. Regardless of the advertising format, however, there are several rules that should be followed to ensure that a company’s efforts will be noticed and lead to success.

  • Getting to grips with graphic design

    No matter what type of item a business contracts to be produced by its local printing company, graphic design is always an integral part. After all, graphics are usually what attract the eye first, regardless of whether it is a poster, flyer, booklet, or even a business card. Graphics help to make a company brand well-known in the community.

  • The multi-functionality of postcards as a business tool

    Business cards usually represent the first impression entrepreneurs make on future customers or business partners. However, many business people are now using postcards in a dual function as business cards – particularly among those whose business is within artistic fields, such as art and literature.

  • Why certificates can boost workplace morale

    It's no secret that a happy workplace is a productive one too, and companies known to acknowledge and reward those staff members who go the extra mile for their employers tend to be the ones who hold on to reliable workers and achieve great business results. One excellent way to recognize the efforts of an employee is to present them with a professionally printed plaque or certificate.

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