Color can speak without saying a word (2017/12/27)

Today’s marketplace is filled with a huge number of products, which can make it hard for a business to stand apart from the rest. It can have the greatest product in the world, but that counts for little if no one knows about it.

Branding can help to get a company noticed, but care should be taken, especially when it comes to color choice. Here are a few points to consider before sending off a marketing project to the print company:

Color choice is a way to send a message without ever having to say a word. Different shades can be associated with different emotions and meanings, so it’s important to choose one that is a good fit with what a business is trying to convey to consumers.

Red is often associated with high energy and action, and has been found to stimulate the viewer’s appetite. This makes it a good choice for a business such as a restaurant. Many see yellow as a cheery color, and it conveys a message of warmth, comfort, sunshine and bright summer days.

Green is a popular choice, and is often used to let people know a product is environmentally friendly. Blue is often chosen too, but it does tend to be overused. Combining it with another color can be highly effective.

While in the West, purple is often seen as a luxurious and royal shade, some cultures associated it with mourning, so care should be taken when adding it to marketing materials.

A printing company’s design team will be able to incorporate these, and many other shades, into the logos and other promotional products it creates. It can also offer helpful advice and a full line of printing services.