A printer can keep Easter sales hopping (2017/02/03)

As soon as one holiday ends, preparations for the next begin. Easter is now on the way, and it is estimated that as much as 80% of the American population will be celebrating the holiday in some way, and spending an estimated $16bn in doing so. This provides an opportunity for businesses to use the holiday as a theme in the marketing materials supplied by a printing company.

One way an enterprise can build on the potential of Easter is by running a themed promotion. For example, a flyer printing company can create marketing materials that let the public know about special offers that will only be available until Easter. Using language such as “hop on in” or “be quick like a bunny so you don’t miss out” not only encourage people to shop, but also offer a catchy way to fit into the theme.

Another way for an enterprise to make the most of the season is by taking its usual products and rebranding them with a seasonal feel. For instance, a florist can put together decorated pots of flowering bulbs like tulips and then decorate them with seasonal messages or imagery. These can be supplied by a company that provides printing services.

Bundling is another way that a business can capitalize on the holiday. Different items can be put together in an Easter basket, which can then be decorated and sold at a higher price than would be the case if the items were sold individually.

Annual holidays provide a way for an enterprise to maximize its profits while meeting the needs of its customers.