Brochures: the travel lover’s companion (2017/04/10)

The summer travel season is on the way, and for those in the hospitality industry, the season is starting to ramp up. As travelers plan their vacation, they often make use of pamphlets and other materials produced by brochure printers, and here are some tips that can help lodging establishments and attractions craft these effective marketing materials:

First, it’s wise to determine what sort of person the brochure has been designed to attract. Those with small children may be looking for something very different to a retired couple or an adrenaline junkie. Once the target audience has been decided on, this theme should carry out through the entire document, including the graphics, font, and other design elements. For example, luxurious touches such as raised typeface and die-cuts might be more appropriate for a luxury hotel than a mini-golf course.

Secondly, try and include carefully selected photos and other graphics. They should be eye-catching without making the pamphlet look too cluttered, as this can detract from its overall appearance. A printing services provider can provide helpful advice about this.

The wording of the brochure will often be the final hook that encourages people to make a decision. Descriptions of the location, as well as positive experiences guests may enjoy during their visit and also what makes it special should be included. Along with this, contact information, pricing, and other practical details are also important. The front cover is vital, and its design should be both appealing and inviting, encouraging the viewer to open it and find out more.

A print company can supply businesses in the hospitality sector with high-quality brochures, as well as invaluable advice that can help any establishment to put its best foot forward.