Calendars and marketing make a perfect partnership (2017/07/07)

When a business or organization is looking for a way to promote itself, it most likely wants to find a way that will give it the most bang for its buck.

In today’s busy world, customized calendars produced by a print company can be a great choice, remaining useful all year round. Here’s a few tips that can help make your calendar an effective marketing tool:

First, consider the time of year. Annual calendars tend to be the most effective if they are given out in October or November, as this can increase the chance that that they will be received before ones from another business or given as a holiday gift. Other styles, such as day planners, can be distributed at any time.

Next, select the theme. In some cases, this can be to highlight the goods and services provided by a company or organization, while for others, more generic graphics like landscape or animals photographs are a good choice. Some may even decide to follow a more creative route and use drawings, cartoons, puns, or other graphics. Whatever is selected, the goal is to catch and hold the viewer’s attention.

Be sure to mark important dates, such as sales or special promotions, and include coupons or other special offers. It’s also wise to make sure that any branding the business or group uses is incorporated into the design. A printing services provider will be able to offer assistance with this.

When it comes to marketing, personalized calendars can be a great choice, and a professional print company should be your first port of call.