Calendars provide promotional power 365 days a year (2017-11-27)

The holidays are right around the corner, and many business are looking for a way to both thank their loyal customers and attract new ones. Calendars can be an ideal choice for this, and with the help of a print company, they can be very effective promotional tools.

A printing company will have many styles to choose from, and the one a business selects will depend on its budget, how and when the calendars will be distributed, and several other factors. Pocket-sized or desktop styles can be a good fit for a direct mail printing campaign, while wall sized and larger styles can be a better choice for handing out in store or during an expo or other large event.

Many calendars include a photo for each month, and the ones selected may determine whether or not one is hung on a wall or simply tossed in a drawer. Images, such as a landscape, animals, or seasonal scenes, can all be good choices, as can pictures or photos that relate to a business and the products or services it has to offer. Humor can be a welcome addition, and the goal is to create a look that the recipient will want to display.

Another element that’s important to add is a company’s branding. This should be placed on each page, and the calendar can include special offers, reminders of sales and other special events, tips for product use, and other helpful information. This can even be done with a pocket-sized calendar, as these can be printed by a stationery printing company to include a coupon that entitles the holder to a discount at a business each time they show it when paying for their purchases. Reminder stickers for important dates can also be a helpful “extra”.

With so many choices when it comes to marketing products, calendars can be an option that combines form, function, and promotional power. Appropriately, they work hard 365 days a year.