Charlotte printing services adds final touch to networking (2017/06/15)

Just as in most other large cities, networking with potential customers or clients and experts in the field can help a company to achieve success. A provider of printing services in Charlotte can be called upon to produce business cards that are sure to make an impact.

When designing business cards, it’s important to keep in mind that they have a limited space, so any design elements should be carefully chosen. While the common rectangle shape may be the most common, other shapes and sizes are available. It’s wise to keep in mind that they should be the right size to fit into someone’s wallet or purse, as this is often where they are stored.

Design tips to keep in mind

When crafting the layout, remember to leave at least 5mm around the edge, as this will prevent part of the design from being cut off during the printing process. To ensure the finished products will be easy to read, it’s also a good idea to keep the resolution at 300 dpi. This ensures any graphics used will be picture perfect. Don’t forget to use a CMYK palate (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), this will give the best printing results, and make sure any text is legible.

What information should be included?

There is no hard and fast rule of what to include on a business card, but it is essential that they indicate the contact details of the business, organization or person handing them out. It’s best not to include a frame, as this may be cut off during printing, and it is also very difficult to get it straight. It also makes sense to speak to the printing staff beforehand to find out what standard sizes they use and also to ask any questions before their order is filled.

Crafting business cards to really stand out

Since people tend to be given a lot of business cards, especially at large events like expos and trade shows, it’s vital to have one that stands apart. This can be achieved using photos and other graphics for maximum impact.

Another option for creating eye catching business cards is to add special finishes such as metallic inks, foil blocks, spot-uv areas and more. Even though their price tag may be higher than conventional one, high quality and tactile elements can really get people’s attention.

Also, a way to make sure that a card gets noticed is to craft ones that can be used for something else. This increases the chances of the recipient reading it, and can help to ensure it is as effective as possible.

Utilizing cut outs and other features

A print professional can use die cuts or even lasers to cut out portions of a card and incorporate them into the final lay out. This allows for an almost endless number of pieces, all of them unique. Just as with choosing a layout, a printing company will be able to provide helpful suggestions that range from traditional to innovative.

Business cards can be a powerful promotional tool, and with the help of a local supplier of printing services in Charlotte, area companies will be able to make use of these effective marketing materials.