Creating effective travel brochures for the summer (2017/05/03)

Summer is on the way, and people all over the country are making their plans. For travel-related businesses, this means creating impressive pamphlets and other promotional products. Here are a few hints that can assist in crafting them in a way that will catch a visitor’s eye.

First off, it’s a good idea to use a header with a bold, easy to read font. This will allow it to stand apart from the rest on a rack or other display, maximizing the chance it will be the one a person picks up first. It’s also wise to put the most important information close to the top, as this will be the section people tend to read first. This can act as a “hook”, ensuring they will be interested enough to take the time to read the rest of the item. They will also need to be able to fit into a standard rack size, as if they are too large, they will either not fit or will flop over.

A printing company will be able to help with paper selection, but a good rule of thumb is that better quality stock results in a more impressive brochure. Coated papers will look best, with the grain running vertically.

When considering the design, it is smart to keep it clean and uncluttered. Including a map to the location will likely be appreciated by potential customers. Make sure that contact information is accurate, up to date and includes an email address, Facebook page or other social media information.

Brochures can be simple but effective promotional tools, and a print company can be called upon to make them look their best.