Customized mugs – the perfect promo item? (2017/06/05)

In today’s busy marketplace, businesses need to find ways to reach a wide audience without breaking the bank to do it. Print companies can provide an assortment of branded promotional products, and one that can be very effective is the simple coffee mug.

While mugs are a commonplace item, it is this very fact that can make them such great marketing pieces. Mugs can be printed with a company’s name, logo or anything it wishes, and each time person takes a drink of tea, coffee or another beverage, the brand is reinforced. A printing services company can help ensure the final products have the quality and look needed.

One advantage to using mugs that isn’t found with smaller ad specialties is they provide a lot of room for personalization. A simple yet eye catching design can be very effective, and any text should be clear and easy to read. Since the mugs will be representing a particular enterprise, it makes sense for it to use ones of a high quality that are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Printing companies tend to have a wide variety of styles and sizes available to choose from. There is a vast range of customizations that can be added – a phone number to the rim or a message down a handle, for example.

When choosing a promotional product that will give a business the most bang for its marketing buck, customized mugs are an option that’s hard to beat. Contact a local printer for more details about how to include mugs in an advertising campaign today.