Effective packaging can spell business success (2017/11/13)

Today’s shoppers have far more choices that ever before when it comes to what they buy, and while this may be great for them, it can pose a real problem for businesses who are trying to gain a share of the market.

How an item is packaged can be the tipping point between a consumer making a purchase or simply walking by, and a print company will be able to offer branded packaging that can help to catch a shopper’s attention and make them decide to buy.

The Food Marketing Institute recently noted that most American supermarkets contain approximately 40,000 items, so one of the goals of packaging is to make a particular product stand out from the 39,999 others. Studies have also shown that most people will only read a product’s description for an average of four seconds before putting it down, which is why its design is so important.

As in so many other design areas, it’s a good idea to follow the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid!). The graphics and text should be clear and concise, giving consumers the information they need to make a decision quickly. A printing services provider’s experienced graphic design team will be able to offer advice about this.

Another vital point to keep in mind when designing packaging is to be honest and authentic. Shoppers don’t like being deceived, and they have long memories. Being deceptive, even unintentionally, can be a disaster.

Two final thoughts about package design are that it should be crafted so that it will both stand out on the shelf, and it should be easily adaptable should a particular product line grow. Both these steps build brand loyalty and recognition.

Today's store shelves are often crowded with a huge number of choices, but carefully planned packaging can spell the difference between a product being a huge success or a failure.