Effective signage can point the way to small business success (2017/08/23)

For small businesses, the bottom line can often be very tight, and it’s important to make sure that each dollar spent in a marketing budget creates a maximum impact. Signs are one way to make this happen, and local print companies will be able to help.

While digital advertising is becoming more prominent, printed materials, such as signage, still have a vital role to play, especially for a small business that needs to stretch its marketing budget as far as it can. Everything from traditional styles to pop up banners can be supplied by a print company, and they can all be personalized in a variety of ways.

One of the first considerations in any design will be color. Many people identify certain hues with particular brands, and a printer can even custom create a new color for its customers – to match a logo for example. It’s wise to be cautious when using shades that are ‘trendy’, as they may not offer the same longevity as one that is classic.

To make sure that any text or graphics used will be clear and really stand out, using contrasting colors can be a great design idea. Adding borders or drop shadows around the lettering can also be helpful. Since there is a good chance the sign will be read from a distance, it makes sense to use a font size that will be easy to read, even if the reader is standing a few feet away.

Signage produced by a print company can prove to be a powerful marketing tool. If careful consideration is given to their design, they can be made even more effective.