Flyer design tips for maximum marketing power (2017/01/18)

With so many promotional choices available in the American marketplace, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which is best. Flyers offer a lot of advantages, and a flyer printing company that can also help with design should be able to help make the most of them, so here are a few flyer design tips to get maximum marketing impact:

Attention-grabbing language

One of the first things a reader will notice is the title or headline, which is why having one that grabs the reader’s attention is so important. This can be accomplished by using power words such as unlock, maximum, free, bonus, proven, insider or gain.

Benefits not features

The text portion of the flyer should detail the benefits about the product or service, not just the features. It can be a good idea to use words that sound as if the writer is directly addressing the reader, such as “your” or “you”. Remember, the reader wants to know, ‘What’s in it for me?’


Using testimonials from satisfied customers can be really helpful, as can case studies. Give the different sections of the piece their own place with a distinctive border with blank spaces between; this can make it eye-catching and easy to read. A highlighted box at the bottom of the page containing a special discount offer can maximize the flyer’s marketing power and draw attention to the call-to-action. A margin of one half inch should be sufficient unless the piece prints at the page’s edge, in which case leaving one eight of an inch for bleeds is a good idea.

Graphics provide an eye-catching addition to the design, but remember certain hues are associated with different meanings. For example, many associate green with ecology, making it an ideal choice for businesses in the environmental sector.

One the final draft has been thoroughly proofread, it can be printed and put to work marketing the company to the world.