How can printers give trade show exhibitors a head start? (2017/07/24)

Trade shows and expos make it possible for companies to reach many potential customers or supporters all under one roof. To maximize the impact of participating in an event like this, many choose to give out branded “swag” to anyone who stops and requests more information. Printing companies will have many possibilities to choose from, all of which can be customized for the occasion.

When considering which items would be a good fit for a business, it’s important to keep the people who will be receiving them in mind. Most people appreciate swag that is as useful as it is creative, and they will be far less likely to simply toss it away if they can make use of it. This is the reason that the old standbys such as pens, T-shirts, mugs, and water bottles continue to be popular.

Useful printed items can keep on working for a long time, as people will often share them with others. A local printing services provider will have a near endless variety of promotional products, and will be able to customize them in almost any way desired.

While small items may be inexpensive enough to hand out to everyone, reserving pricier swag for only promising leads can be easier on the budget. As above, a print company will have lots to choose from, ranging from personal calendars, to suction phone holders, hoodies, and luxury pens.

Whatever promotional products are selected, it’s important to include the business’s contact details and branding. A printer can include these and, in some cases, even the brand’s colour and font styles, in the design of the finished product.