How to choose promotional products that work (2017/06/12)

Marketing is a necessity - even if a company has the best products, it won’t be able to attract customers if they don’t know about them. Promotional products are a popular way to attract attention, but how do you make them work for you?

A local print company will have items ranging from traditional pens to ones that are more innovative and unusual. Here are some tips on how to make your promotional products more effective:

When choosing products to use in a campaign, it’s important to figure out what its purpose is. Is the goal to attract new customers or retain current ones? Will the items be given out at expos and trade shows, sent through the mail, or used during a fundraiser? Whatever items are chosen, they should be of a suitably high quality, as this could be their first impression.

Spend some time looking at the marketing materials used by competitors. This could indicate what works and what doesn’t, while at the same time ensuring the products chosen are distinctive. It can also be helpful to survey current clients and customers for their feedback into what types of advertising materials would attract them. It can be a good idea to ask staff for their opinion.

The items chosen should be a good match for the brand, and useful if possible. No matter how clever the item, it will not be effective if it is thrown in a drawer, or worse, the trash.

A printing services provider can offer advice and will have a wide range of promotional products to choose from, all of which can be customized to your brand.