How well-designed postcards can draw customers (2017/04/26)

Postcards have long been used to market directly to consumers, and remain as effective as ever today. A postcard printing company can supply them, and here are some ideas that can help any size business use these small but powerful promotional tools:

One way that a direct mailed advertisement can be made even more effective is by designing it so that it doesn’t look like an ad. All too often, when someone gets an advertisement by post, they immediately consider it junk mail and the only place it will be ‘filed away’ is the recycling bin. By making it look like a real piece of mail in its own rights, a business can increase the chance of it being read.

Another tip that can help to drive sales is to make sure that the postcard contains the company’s contact information, especially its web address. A short, easy to remember URL is best.

When considering the wording used, it should be clear, to the point, and, most importantly, honest. If it includes real-life testimonials about the products or services the enterprise offers, these let potential customers know that it can do what it claims it can, and at the price stated.

A final tip that can help to ensure a post card is effective is to have the printing services provider start the sales pitch of the item on its back. This is the part that contains the address, and it the area people tend to read first.

When it comes to marketing materials, postcards produced by a local printing company are impossible to beat.