Taking envelopes from ordinary to extraordinary (2017-11-21)

In many workplaces, sending correspondence is a fact of daily life. While envelopes may seem like a commonplace piece of stationery, they can be designed to do much more than just hold a letter or other document. In fact, they can even be effective promotional products, and a stationery printing company will be able to help.

First off, it’s important to decide what type of envelope will be right for the job. Both pocket (which open on their short edge) and wallet (open along the long edge) styles are available. These come in many standard sizes that correspond to different sizes of letterheads and other papers. A customer can choose which sizes will be right for their needs, but if they will be utilized in bulk mail marketing campaigns, it’s wise to speak with the company that will perform this service, as their equipment may only be able to accommodate certain sizes.

One option for an envelope design is to include a clear address window. Since not every letter or other item to be mailed will need this, it makes sense – from both an economical and practical standpoint – to order envelopes with this feature and the traditional type as well. Stationery printers can provide helpful advice about this.

If a business includes its branding in the design of the envelopes it uses, they can help it to make the most of its marketing budget. Each time one is used, the brand will be seen by each person who handles it, which is an easy and cost-effective way for a company to get its name out into the public’s eye.

Envelopes may seem purely practical, but with quality construction, eye-catching design and some assistance from a printing services provider, they can become so much more.