Tips for crafting effective promotional T-shirt designs (2017/05/10)

Today’s marketplace is crowded with a huge assortment of products and services, and it can be hard for a business to find a way to stand apart from the crowd. T-shirts and other clothing items offer a marketing tools that are versatile and sure to make an impact, and a printing services provider can help.

When designing the shirt, it’s important to remember that, while fashion and style are important, the item in question is intended to act as a promotional product. This is why it’s a good idea to sit down before the design process even begins to decide who it is meant to target, what its purpose is, and the budget that will be followed.

Some companies already have their own set of fonts, colors and graphics that they use, while other businesses may wish to have these custom-made by a printing company. This can be an important part of building its brand. Some even have style manuals that dictate logo placement, brand colors, and other details, so refer to this first.

It’s important to keep in mind that print companies use what’s known as process color or four color printing, which is performed using the colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Logos and other design elements should be made using these colors if at all possible. If they are not, check with the printer ahead of time to make sure it can still use it.

T-shirts and other items of clothing can be effective promotional tools, and a print company will be able to create ones that are sure to make an impact.