Tips for making the most of Small Business Saturday (2017/10/23)

November 25th has been designated as “Small Business Saturday” across the USA, and it’s a great time for the nation’s smaller enterprises to take center stage. There is a lot that companies can do to make the most of the occasion, and here are a few ideas to help get the ball rolling.

First, consider this an opportunity to connect with consumers in the community. People patronize small businesses for many reasons, ranging from how they often offer a high level of customer service to a desire to support local businesses. To capitalize on this, a store can use the talents of a postcard printing company to craft invitations that can be sent out to households in the area, letting them know there will be a special “Small Business Saturday” celebration and inviting them to come in. The printer will be able to personalize them, and if they include a coupon or other special offer, they can be very effective marketing tools.

Once the public arrives at the business, they can be treated to excellent customer service that can make them eager to return. It’s an ideal occasion for offering light refreshments as well as various promotional products and other premiums. If it’s going to be a family friendly event, a print company can provide items like branded pens, t-shirts, balloons, simple cell phone cases, water bottles and more to give out to the children. This way, they will have something to occupy them while their parents browse. It can also be an opportunity to do a good deed for a local not-for-profit by holding a raffle of branded merchandise, with the proceeds going to charity.

Small business Saturday can be a great opportunity for local companies to showcase all they have to offer, and printing companies will be able to lend a helping hand.