Tips for making the most of the latest promotional trends (2017/08/08)

When it comes to marketing, trends can come and go, but there are some truisms that will always stay the same. Branded promotional products can be very effective, but choosing the right item for the job is key. Marketing services supplied by a print companies can really help to put a business on the map, and here are some ideas to help get the ball rolling:

Don’t settle for the cheapest option

While inexpensive items may be easy on the budget, they may not necessarily provide the best return for the dollar spent, and it can really pay to be a little extravagant. For example, premium digital business cards have be slightly more expensive than the generic variety, but there’s no substitute for an excellent first impression.

Think green!

Another way to catch the interest of potential customers is to consider an environmentally friendly advertising option. In fact, as was noted by the Advertising Specialties Institute, 42% of respondents indicated they view a company more favorably if it uses advertising they feel won’t negatively impact the environment. This makes items like reusable water bottles, letterheads from stationery printers that have high amount of recycled content, and other eco-friendly options can be great choices.

Tie in print with digital

Ad specialties that can be used with a person’s high-tech gadgets also tend to be greatly appreciated by recipients. Jump drives, phone cases and stands, and even small mobile power banks are becoming more budget friendly, and can be printed with almost any branding desired.

When it comes to marketing, a print company will have wide selection to choose from, as well as professional staff that can provide helpful advice. With so many ad specialties available, there is sure to be one that’s a great match for your business.