Top tips for crafting successful signage (2017/07/14)

While online shopping may be increasing in popularity, there is still a huge need for the traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Many potential customers like being able to see and examine products before they buy them, and they also appreciate the personal touch they get when they go into a store. A local printing services provider can work with business owners to create signage and other items they can use to help their customers get the most from their retail experience.

When designing signs, it’s important to consider them from a shopper’s point of view. They need information to assist them in finding what they are looking for, so keeping the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle in mind makes a lot of sense. An uncluttered look is best.

Keeping a sign simple also applies to any fonts that are used. While it may be okay to add some decorative touches, it’s vital that they still be easy to read. Make sure that the item is large enough to be read by those who have vision issues, especially older adults.

The choice of words is also an important consideration. Let the customers know how the products or services can be used, and use pronouns (such as “you”) to help the reader build a picture in their mind of how they can make use of it themselves. As in the other aspects of sign design, when it comes to the wording used, less is often more.

Providing a positive experience for their customers is a top priority for most businesses, and a print company can help to ensure this happens.