Top tips for designing beautiful wedding invitations (2017/02/24)

As spring and summer approach, couples across the country will start the pleasant but hectic task of planning their wedding. For many, one of the first steps will be choosing their invitation design, and professional print companies can really make the difference.

Since each couple has unique traits, the invitation to their nuptials can also be personalized and crafted just for them. The process of designing their invitations starts with choosing a style. Some will be looking for something modern and stylish, while others will prefer something more classic and traditional.

Whatever look takes the fancy of the couple, it’s important to keep in mind the purpose of the invitations. They need to let people know when and where the wedding will take place, and also provide them with any additional details that may be useful to them. A variety of fonts are available, and while script can look very elegant, it has to be legible. Stationery printers will be able to offer advice and tips on what would make the best choice.

While invitations can be printed in an assortment of sizes, couples are reminded that envelopes come in standard dimensions, so they will need to choose a size and shape that fits. Addressing envelopes can be a chore, but a printing company can use variable data print technology to address each one individually, saving precious time and minimizing repetitive work.

A couple will take many factors into consideration when designing their wedding invitations, and printing companies can be counted on to design ones they will be proud to send.