Traditional print marketing remains effective (2017/01/20)

In today’s world where social media has become increasingly important, one might be forgiven for thinking that traditional printed marketing materials might have fallen by the wayside. This could not be further from the truth.

According to the 2015 CMI (Content Marketing Institute) annual report, printed and other forms of offline promotion still retain a 66 percent share of the advertising marketplace, meaning they continue to have a vital role to play. The Data and Marketing Association’s numbers also indicate their continuing importance, and show that spending on direct mail advertising is actually on the rise. In a world where many have gone digital, printed media stands out even more.

Printed promotions can be made even more effective by combining them with digital advertising; here are some tips to help make that happen:

The first is to tie web-based marketing to that in the offline world. For example, someone placing an order on a website can opt-in to receive printed materials, such as a catalog or promotional pieces, even if they may opt out of online communication to reduce spam that can end up in a junk folder anyway. This way, a person can browse through the hard copy and still place their order online. Many businesses will run sales and marketing campaigns both on and offline, so they can maximise exposure. It is said it can take on average seven ‘touch points’ before a person will nowadays recognise a brand or an offer, simply due to the sheer volume of communication they’re subject to in these modern times.

A business should use the latest trends to its advantage. For example, it can have posters or banners using wide format printing from a printing company, to use in local areas, or at exhibitions. These can publicise offers such as a premium for taking a “selfie” with a product or even the print materials, and then tagging the photo on their social media account. This markets the business and can drive traffic to its website.

A final point to remember is that it’s a good idea for a business to ensure that it includes its website or social media contact information on all of the marketing materials is uses. This way, potential customers can easily get in touch to find out more, or make a purchase.