Why a business should add postcards to its set of marketing tools (2017/02/16)

Direct mail marketing can still be a both a practical and powerful option when it comes to a company promoting itself to potential customers or clients, and postcard printing can be used to craft materials that are extremely effective promotional tools.

Postcards are easy and inexpensive to mail, and the design options for them are almost limitless. A printing services provider will be able to offer advice about what works and what doesn’t, and for inspiration, all someone needs to do is check their own mail to see what catches their eye and what doesn’t. This can help them to develop their own concept for what they want their materials to look like, with the goal being to make “junk mail” be seen as anything but.

According to Mark Risley, who has 15 years’ experience in designing direct mail campaigns, it’s a good idea to avoid the use of overly simplistic language or boring graphics. He noted it’s better to use something that will catch and hold the reader’s attention without insulting their intelligence.

A catchy tag line is vital, and it should be tied to the information provided in the body of the postcard. It’s also important to speak to the target audience and show a knowledge of their potential interests.

Perhaps most important of all is to be honest. Overblown promises and claims are not likely to be believed, which can translate into a loss of customers’ trust.

Including at least two calls to action is recommended, as is using the appropriate paper stocks. If the postcards are marketing high-end items, expensive papers are best, while those promoting less expensive products or bulk ordering can get away with using those with a lower price tag.

Postcards produced by a printing company have the potential to be extremely effective and far-reaching marketing tools, and with some thought and care, they can be made even better.