Why companies should give promotional postcards a second look (2017/07/01)

When people hear the word ‘postcard’, they often think of the cards that can be purchased while someone is on vacation. While this is certainly one way they can be used, direct mailed items such as these can harness real marketing power, and a local postcard printing company can provide a wide assortment of these promotional tools.

Postcards are an easy way to reach a wide audience, and while they are small in size, they offer enough space for a company to advertise its products or services. Using creative design techniques can ensure they will catch the reader’s eye and maximize marketing potential.

When designing items such as this, it’s a good idea to graphic elements that are crystal clear and of a high quality. When it comes to the message, a good quote to remember is “brevity is the soul of wit”. Get to the point, using bold headlines and attention-grabbing text.

Direct mailed items tend to be most useful for generating leads and encouraging potential customers to initiate contact. Make sure that the card includes several ways of contacting the sender.

As with almost every other marketing method, using the highest quality materials possible makes a lot of sense. A print company will have a wide assortment of card stocks and finishes to choose from, and they can provide helpful advice about what would be best for a particular project.

Even in today’s digital age, postcards are still going strong when it comes to marketing a business to the world, and they can find a place in any promotional campaign.