Show customers some love this Valentine’s Day (2018/12/27)

Between online shopping and ‘big box’-styles stores, small businesses can sometimes find it hard to get noticed. Creative promotions can offer a way to stand apart from the crowd, and printing companies will have lots of ideas for developing one that’s built around Valentine's Day.

After the holiday rush in November and December, many choose to put off shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts. In fact, one study found that as many as 32% leave their buying until the last minute. Marketing materials can target this group, and cards created by a postcard printing service can be sent to local households, reminding them to not forget to make a purchase for the special person in their life.

For some people, choosing a romantic present is about as much fun as having a tooth pulled. A gift guide or checklist can be prepared to give to customers, offering options for a range of budgets and interests. A flyer printing company can prepare these, and when combined with a printed promotional pen, they can make finding just the right present a joy instead of a chore.

Some stores choose to offer a ‘freebie’ to anyone who purchases over and above a set amount. Another idea is to hold a raffle draw for a special romantic prize like dinner for two, with the proceeds being donated to a local not for profit. This way, it gives people a chance to do a good turn for others while possibly winning a great prize.

Valentine’s Day can be a perfect starting point to build a successful sales campaign. With the help of a print company, this type of event can help small businesses to shine.