A printer’s tricks can make Halloween a real treat (2018/09/04)

Halloween is on the way, and as small businesses gear up for the fall season, it can be a great basis for a marketing campaign. Print companies will be able to offer lots of fun ideas that can really drive traffic to a company’s front door.

Trick or treating is a popular Halloween activity, and a printing services provider will be able to craft pencils, pens, magnets, and many other small branded promotional products to give to the little ghosts and goblins who come knocking. In many cases, they will be with their parents, who can browse through the establishment while the kids get their treat.

Another idea is to offer customers cloth bags that have been custom designed with a theme that matches the holiday, and include the business’ name in the pattern. These are sure to be appreciated, and will get the company name out in the public’s eye each time one is used. This can often prove to be a highly cost-effective marketing idea, and can be surefire way to build a customer base.

Finally, this occasion can also be an opportunity to do a good turn for the community. Local establishments can come together to host a Halloween fundraiser in support of a cause. Those who turn out can have fun, while taking in the branding of the sponsors included in the banners, decorations and other items produced for the festivities by a banner printing supplier.

Halloween can be a fun time of year for kids and adults alike. With a little creativity and the assistance of a print company, it can also prove to be a very profitable one.