Business and not-for-profit world can be a perfect partnership (2018/06/11)

Not-for-profit companies fill an important role in their communities, and they can almost all benefit from the support of local companies. Helping a charitable group can benefit both the charity and the business alike, and print companies can aid in helping to make the most from this partnership.

One idea that a business can use to both raise funds or supplies for a not-for-profit group and draw customers in is to run a ‘fill the (insert container here)’ campaign. For instance, a print company can produce a brown paper bag printed with a request to fill it with donations for the local food bank and drop it off at the company or other designated location. This can prove to be very effective, as can a “stuff a bus” campaign for school supplies and other versions of this idea.

Another effective fundraising plan is to sponsor a meal, show, or other event. A banner printing service can provide decorations and other items that can aid in making it even more festive, and materials can be distributed that let the attendees know more about the cause, and know their support will make a difference. These can be designed to include the logo or other branding of the sponsor, which can help to get it out into the eye of potential customers.

Helping others can go a long way towards building a sense of goodwill between a business and the local community. Printing companies can be counted on to aid in making this sort of campaign a success.