Frosh Week planning means calling a local printer (2018/08/06)

The first days of a new academic year are on the way, and for those who are just starting their college or university days, it can be a very exciting time. Frosh Week activities can help them meet their fellow classmates and learn about their school and its community, and if an institution offers these, a print company should be the one of the first places it contacts for help.

Preparing an ‘orientation kit’ for freshmen is one way a colleges and universities can create a welcoming environment. These can contain T-shirts, water bottles, laundry bags, hats and other items that have been printed with the institution’s logo, or other branding. A map, public transportation schedule, coupons from area businesses, a schedule of Frosh Week activities, a printed list of important phone numbers and websites, and other items can be included.

During the first weeks of a new academic year, there will often be orientation and other events just for those who are just starting their college or university days. A banner printing company can be counted on to supply reusable pop-up banners, signs, and other products. These can be designed to be used indoors or out, and even though they will have been prepared by a professional, they will still have a price that can be very budget friendly, providing the final touch to a fun activity.

Frosh Week is a special time in a student’s life. With the help of printing companies, it will be one they always remember.