Garden centers can “spring” to life with professional printing (2018/02/12)

As spring approaches, garden centers all across the country are preparing for the influx of green thumbs who will be looking for new ways to spruce up their yards. A print company will be able to help them make the most of this busy time by supplying them with a wide range of promotional materials.

With so many choices for their plants and other horticultural supplies, it’s important for a garden center or nursery to have great curb appeal. A printing services provide can design eye-catching signage that can grab the attention of passersby and entice them to stop and come into browse.

Once a customer has entered the business, they are likely to have questions about what to buy and where to find it. Interior signs can let them know where to find the annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and other plants they are looking for. Brochure printers can supply rack cards and other materials that can be put within easy reach of the shoppers so they can get more information. These can also be provided to staff for use when they are answering questions, or given to each person who makes a purchase.

Providing top quality service is one way for a garden center to stand apart from the crowd. Offering free workshops and other educational events can draw customers in, and they will often choose to buy the plants that have been the topic of the discussion.

Spring and early summer tend to be the most active times for the horticultural industry, and print companies can help make the most of these busy seasons.