Get a jump start on the summer travel season (2018/02/21)

This is the time of year when many people are making their vacation plans. Brochure printers can offer a variety of choices when it comes to promotional pamphlets and other publications, and here are a few tips that can help a resort, hotel or other destination make the most from these publications.

Choosing high-quality photos that include lots of color, thus catching and holding attention, is important. Conduct some research into what spots travelers tend to visit when they come a particular area, and include these in the design, and place the text so it is located where it highlights the subject of the pictures used. A print company’s graphic artists will be able to help with this.

Color selection can also be important, and a printing services provider will have a full rainbow of hues to choose from. For example, a brochure that markets a city like New York can use exciting and classical colors such as red and black, while a tropical destination may wish to utilize shades of orange, yellow, and green.

The copy used on the pamphlet is an import consideration. It needs to be informative, easy to read, and explain why the location is such a great place to visit or stay. This being said, it should be brief and highlight the key information the reader needs to make a decision.

Brochures can be used to help tempt future travelers even before vacation season begins, and a printing company will be able to provide a variety of promotional products that can help them in making their plans.