Hints for crafting standout business holiday cards (2018/10/22)

As the holiday season draws closer, many small businesses are getting their sales campaigns underway. Festive cards can prove to be a welcome connection between a company and its customers, and print companies can produce ones that are of high quality and convey warmth and good wishes.

When choosing the layout for a holiday card, there are several factors to keep in mind. There should be enough space for the sender to write a personalized message. It’s also sensible to follow a secular theme, such as a snowy forest, winter birds, or children playing in the snow.

Paper choice is also important. A printing services provider will have plenty of options, and the one selected will depend upon the card. If its front is mainly a photo, using a glossy paper can create a high-quality look, while using matte paper on the inside will make for easy writing. Also, if the recipient is someone who cares about the environment, using stock made from recycled paper can be ideal.

Consideration should also be given to choosing the right envelope. Since it will be the first part of the greeting the recipient views and may be handled roughly during the mailing process, the paper used should be heavyweight and durable. They can be addressed by hand, or if there are a lot of them, a print company can supply transparent labels that will allow the envelope to shine through.

A cheery holiday message can be an easy way for a business to let its customers know they are appreciated. When choosing a custom design for them, a printing company should be the first stop.