Making professional invitations the key to fundraising success (2018/11/12)

For many charities, securing funding can often be a challenge. A fundraiser can provide a solution, but they can't reach their full potential if no one knows about them. Well-designed invitations crafted by a professional print company can go a long way towards making sure that the function will be well attended, and a printer can provide this service at a price that won’t break the bank.

When opening an invitation, the aspect the recipient is most likely to notice first is its design. Estimates suggest that an item only has a few second to grab and hold a reader’s attention, and this is why it is so important to include exciting and relevant graphics, as well as accurate information. A printing services provider will be able to work with the planners of a function to craft a look they feel will resonate with the potential supporters.

Turning to the inside, careful consideration should be given to providing details that let the reader know the event name, the cause it will support, and also the venue date and time for the function. Since the item is, in effect, a marketing piece, a call to action in the form of an RSVP should be included. This should be large and easy to find, and can be paired with contact information for anyone who can’t attend the event in person but would still like to make a donation.

Whether it’s a small tea party or a huge gala affair, a fundraiser can help a not-for-profit to meet its financial goals. This is just one reason why a printing company should be the first number on an event planner's list.