Practical tips for crafting ideal wedding invitations (2018/04/09)

Spring is in the air, and for some couples, it’s a season for planning the wedding of their dreams. A print company can supply them with invitations to invite friends and family to share in the joy of their special day, and here are some common sense design tips:

While the graphics, font style and “extra touches” selected can say a lot about the couple, these aren’t necessarily the most important elements. The cleverest design will be wasted if the information included isn’t correct. This is why it makes sense to make sure the venues are booked and confirmed before heading to the printing company, and to carefully check the information before they are printed. A printing services provider can often supply a hard copy of the final version for the couple to review.

When it comes to the question of how many to order, once again, it pays to plan before heading to the stationery printers. Make sure that both families have been consulted for their guests lists, and once the finally tally is ready, add 15 extra invitations just in case. This can reduce the expense of having too many or having to order a few extras later on.

When deciding what information to include, it’s wise to provide all the essential details without adding too much extra. If there is a lot to share, an option is to create a wedding website, and include the address for this on the invites.

Wedding invitations can be an important part of the special day. Having them well planned and crafted by a professional can help them to be both useful and beautiful.