Print and online advertising can be a truly dynamic duo (2018/09/25)

The online world can be a valuable marketing tool for both businesses and charities alike, and they can be made even more effective when they are combined with traditional print advertising crafted by a printing company. There are many options for this, and here are a few suggestions to help make the most from this powerful duo.

An important point to remember when developing a campaign that combines print and digital advertising is consistency. It’s wise to develop a logo or other branding that can be used for these. A printing services provider can even design custom colors and fonts that will really stand apart from the crowd, making it easy for consumers to find the product being marketed, even among the competition. It will also serve to connect the online and paper-based promotions.

Social media has become almost ubiquitous, and if a business or group has an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, links to them should be included on its printed advertising materials to help drive traffic. It’s also smart to create a special hashtag for the product or service being marketed, and include this on the items to be produced by the print company; for example, digital business cards can have a business’s website address include in the design.

Finally, including a call-to-action on the printed pieces can be very effective in directing traffic to a website. This can encourage potential customers to check it out for themselves and see what it has to offer them.

Print and digital marketing both have their strong points. With the assistance of a print company, the two can be effectively combined and can help a business or organization achieve success.