Printed promotional products can make Father’s Day fun (2018/05/01)

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and many people are looking for the ideal gift for the dads in their life. This can be a great launching point for a June sales campaign, and print companies can provide support by supplying a variety of printed materials.

An easy way to draw customers in is to distribute gift guides. Brochure printers can craft ones that include ideas in different categories, such as for the dad who loves sports, is a foodie, or who just likes to sit back and relax. This can make shopping easier, and when paired with a gift wrapping service, it can make buying a Father’s Day present a snap.

Remembering the little ones can help to add a touch of fun to a marketing campaign. Offer an assortment of small items they can pick from all on their own, and include a specially printed card with each purchase that they can personalize and give to their dad.

Another idea is to offer invitations that include a coupon sourced from a printing services provider that kids can buy for their father or grandfather to come in for a special shopping party. Plan on offering discounts and make it festive with music, entertainment, refreshments and perhaps even a photo booth to capture the fun. Banners and other printed decorations can make the occasion even more memorable.

This Father’s Day, why not make the holiday even more special by giving dads pride of place in the promotional plans for June? It can be a great way for a business to add to its customer base.