Small businesses can show some love to the planet this April (2018/01/22)

Spring is a time for renewal and growth, and on April 22, Americans from coast to coast will be celebrating this with Earth Day. This can be an excellent basis for small business to build an advertising campaign around, and a printing company can lend a helping hand.

There are many inexpensive promotional products that are both friendly to the environment and a marketing budget. For instance, reusable water bottles, travel coffee mugs, paper items made from recycled fibers and cloth tote bags crafted from organic cotton are all good choices. A printing services provider will be able to help each customer find the ones that are the best fit for its needs, and they can be given out as prizes, event swag, and sales premiums.

Another way to use Earth Day as the basis for a promotional campaign is to have a contest where the winner will receive an eco-friendly prize. A public transit pass, a branded shirt for running or biking, and a journal or datebook made from recycled fibers are all items that are sure to be both appreciated and useful.

Similarly, a small business is well positioned to lead by example when it comes to “going green”. In many communities, plastic shopping bags are being phased out, and this holiday can be a great starting point for a small business to switch to ones made from paper. Utilizing reusable pop-up style signage crafted by a banner printing company is another great choice.

Earth Day is a day when the whole country can come together to show some love to the planet. With the help of a print company, even a small company can make a difference.