Tips for crafting effective promotional tees (2018/11/05)

When a business is looking for a truly effective promotional product, T-shirts produced by a print company can be an excellent choice. If they are well designed with an eye catching layout, you can be sure they will be utilized, which is important as the more they are worn, the more they will be seen, and the bigger impact they will have.

When choosing a T-shirt design, there are several factors to take into consideration. Those that have intricate graphics and several colors can have a higher price tag, and this may also be true for special styles such as V-neck. Print companies will have many options to choose from, and can aid customers in choosing the one that is the best fit for their budget.

There are several different techniques that can be utilized in printing promotional T-shirts, and the one chosen will depend upon both the timeframe and how much a printer’s customer is willing to spend. Screen printing can be very affordable, especially for large orders, while vinyl and direct-to-garment methods can produce durable and high-quality products, but they will have a higher price tag.

With respect to planning the layout, it is advisable to work with a canvas that is 18 inches by 18 inches. A printing services provider can provide assistance with this, and if needed, can even craft a unique design from scratch.

T-shirts can offer a high level of return for the promotional dollar spent. Whether a customer is a small local business or one that operates all over the world, a printing company will be able to offer plenty of options to choose from.