What a printer can do to help make a fundraiser a success (2018/03/26)

Whether they are big or small, fundraising is a fact of life for most non-profits, and with a little bit of outside-the-box thinking and the help of a print company, an organization can make its next campaign a success.

To start with, the group will need to make sure its supporters and the general public know about the fundraiser. This can be done through mailers and other items produced by a postcard printing provider. Direct mailed letters can also be very effective. Stationery printers can supply letterheads and other materials that can be used for this.

A printer can also be counted on to provide a variety of materials for use during the actual campaign or event itself. These range from banners that come in both single use and reusable pop-up styles, to calendars and other promotional products such as T-shirts and branded merchandise that can be sold or added to prize baskets for raffle draws.

A fundraising idea that can be both cost effective and simple is to contact local companies and service providers to find out if they would be willing to offer a discount to the organization’s supporters in the form of a coupon card. This can provide benefit to both the not-for-profit group and the business, as it can attract new customers.

A printing company can be counted on to supply a wide assortment of items and also helpful advice that can help any group to achieve fundraising success. Big or small, a printer can help them all.