Why a printer should be included in any AGM plan (2018/10/15)

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a yearly event for many not-for-profits. They give its members, and oftentimes the general public, a chance to ensure the organization is using its funding wisely and is well governed. It can also offer an opportunity to showcase the efforts it has made throughout the year, and a print company can lend a helping hand.

When planning an AGM, it’s important to follow the guidelines set out in the organization’s bylaws. These can cover everything from how much notice is needed before the event is held, to how many people are required for a vote to be accepted. They will also indicate if nominations and bylaw amendments can be made from the floor during the function. Stationery printers can supply ballot blanks and other items that make any voting streamlined and well organized.

Bound copies of the group’s financial reports and proposed amendments may need to be available for the public to view for a set number of days before the AGM. A catalog printing company can provide these. This gives attendees at the meeting a chance to review them and see if they could benefit from some changes.

Attracting people to an AGM can sometimes prove difficult, and this is an area where a banner printing company can make an impact. It can craft decorations and other items that make the function exciting and well attended.

Not-for-profit groups can play an important role in the life of a community, and a printing services provider can help in creating a positive AGM experience for all.