Why font selection is important in the design of promotional materials (2018/03/02)

When crafting marketing materials, it important to take the time and consider each element that will be included in the overall design. Even the smallest details, such as font choice, can make a difference, especially in the products that will be produced by a printing company. The style of lettering can provide non-verbal cues to the reader, so it makes sense to take care in selecting the one that will be used.

Using different font styles can help the viewer to find the most important elements of a promotional item. This is why it is a good idea to choose a bolder style for the heading, and a simple, easy to read one for the body of the piece. For example, a business card printing company can design cards that will have the name of the company or individual in bold lettering, as this will immediately catch the eye. The contact details can be in a different style.

Whatever style of lettering is used on a marketing piece, it is important that it is easy to read. While bold and strong typefaces may be a good choice for a headline, those used in the in the larger passages of the piece should be legible and pleasant to read. Serif fonts are often chosen for this, and are considered to be a classical look.

When choosing which fonts to use on a promotional product, making it comfortable and easy for reader to view it should be should be a top priority. If there is any question about what lettering is most appropriate, a professional print company will be able to offer helpful advice.