Why portable banners pop up all over (2018/08/20)

For a promotional product with an excellent return on investment, pop up banners can be hard to beat. Here we look at the many advantages of these effective marketing tools.

A pop up banner, normally designed and prepared by a print company, is easy to assemble and usually light enough to be carried and set up by one person. This makes them ideal for expos, presentations, and other events. A print company’s graphic design artists can craft creative banners unique to the customer.

While pop up banners are a great choice for use indoors, they can also be used outdoors. These handy tools can be used to promote sales, offers or special events. A printing services provider will be able to offer helpful advice about the best popup banner style to suit a particular situation. As an example, avoid having important information too low down if the pop up banner might be hidden behind a stand at an event.

When designing the banner, it’s wise to place the most important information at the top, keeping in mind that people tend to view information from left to right. Use bright colors and clear images that should be kept in line with the brand’s style guidelines. Avoid too much text as it may be difficult to read from a distance. A printer’s graphic artists will keep these, along with other principles of effective advertising design, in mind when crafting a layout.

Pop up banners can be effective promotional tools with a budget-friendly price tag. A local banner printing company will be able to supply a wide assortment of choices in all available styles and designs.