Why promotional posters should be at the top of any marketer’s list (2018/11/19)

Getting a message out without having to break the bank to do it can sometimes be a difficult balancing act. Posters offer a great way to disseminate information, and a poster printing professional will be able to produce ones that can be counted upon to grab and hold the viewer’s attention.

The design of the poster should be a top consideration, and studies have shown that using visual content in a poster’s design can lead to enhanced levels of reader engagement. In one survey, 41.5% of marketers quizzed indicted that they have found original graphics to be more effective at engaging an intended audience than generic ones. This is why using high-quality images is so important. A print company's customers can use their own or, if needed, it can also craft designs from scratch.

When deciding which text to include on a poster, it makes sense to keep the KISS ( keep it simple, stupid) principle in mind. For example, if the piece is promoting an event, the date, time, and location are vital, as is a brief description of the function. Use easy-to-read fonts, and keep in mind that it should be legible even from a short distance away. Printing companies will have a wide selection of pre-made lettering styles, and can also create unique ones that can become part of a customer's brand.

When a group or business is in the market for a promotional product that combines effectiveness with a reasonable price tag, posters produced by a printing services provider should be at the top of its list.