Font selection: what it says about a brand (2019/02/18)

When designing any marketing materials, care should be taken to choose the right graphics and wording. Font selection is a key part of this, and there are thousands to choose from. A font can create a unique look and will become part of any company’s branding. The font chosen will form part of the brand’s guidelines for use in any future design project.

When choosing a typeface, there are four basic groups. These include sans-serif, which is clean and crisp and so it’s often a great choice for logos. Serif lettering, in which the characters have small lines on the ends, gives a more traditional look. Script lettering looks like handwriting, and can add an elegant, personal touch to a piece. The fourth font style is decorative, and this includes stylized lettering that is often used to grab the reader’s attention. Start by selecting which category a business falls into.

Even at this early stage, choosing the right font can seem overwhelming, with so many styles to choose from, and since a print company can even design a unique font for a brand from scratch, the possibilities are nearly endless. The style chosen can say a lot before it is even read. For example, jaunty text lets the reader know that what is being promoted is likely to be fun, while a more traditional style sends the message that this is intended to be taken seriously.

The amount of text included on a piece will also dictate its style. Decorative fonts can be attention-grabbing but may make reading large blocks of words difficult. A printing services provider can help to choose a typeface that is a good fit for a particular project.

When it comes to font choice, a little care can go a long way. By utilizing the right lettering for a particular job, the material can speak volumes before a word is read.