How altering written voice can improve advertisements (2019/11/4)

Every business needs a thorough understanding of how to create messages that consumers find memorable. Learning how to structure written thoughts in a manner that engages people can be a major step companies take to elevate their advertisements.

Businesses should be aware of the voice they use when communicating with consumers. Sentences can be categorized into either active or passive voices, making it important that companies are aware of the difference when designing their ads.

An active voice typically has the subject of the sentence performing an action, compared to the passive voice where the action is performed upon by the subject. For example, saying that a company created an advertisement would be active, while claiming that an ad was created by a company would be passive.

Producing advertisements with an active voice can help influence consumer decisions by making clear statements, rather than watering them down with unnecessary words. People respond better to messages that radiate confidence, rather than the ambiguity of the passive voice.

Promotional materials made with print companies can discuss the benefits of a product or service in the active voice to make their examples feel credible. Telling an audience how past customers benefited from using the brand will stick with viewers more than saying that the brand had helped benefit previous clients.

The active voice prioritizes the experience of the customer by putting the focus on the subject first, which better emphasizes how the brand has impacted consumer lives.