How businesses can improve their mail-based advertising tactics (2019/04/08)

Having the option to send customers information through the mail directly is a valuable tool that businesses can use to spread messages about their upcoming promotions or events. Advertising through mailing services allows companies to reach new consumers while making contact with previous customers who may be unaware of monthly deals.

However, businesses often find that their response rates range from 1-2%. Mailing advertisements to the public may expose the community to the brand and featured information, but it can be difficult for these offers to be accepted by the majority of recipients.

Companies can improve their response rates by altering their marketing tactics to customize general advertisements into personalized invitations that will enhance the likelihood of connecting with consumers.

Businesses that use geotargeting can redefine their target audience by sending mail to customers inside specific locations. People who are located closer to the company may select it over further competitors due to the convenience of being in proximity to their residence.

Marketers can also use geotargeting to send mail directly to their target demographics rather than sending ads to the entire community, which will ensure that the resources used to create the ads are going towards residents who are more likely to respond.

Incorporating variable data into the mailed ads may also influence customers. Companies that use postcard printing can personalize each card to include the name of the recipient, while postcards sent to younger demographics who use mobile devices can add exclusive scannable QR codes that contain coupons.