How businesses can improve their surveys (2019/11/11)

Consumer feedback is essential for the growth of a business, though it can be challenging to receive any criticism from target demographics. Companies should be aware of the factors that play a role in increasing survey responses from their customers.

An effective way of capturing consumer interest is to offer incentives for taking the time to complete a survey. Businesses can give people a free product for submitting their responses or a coupon to use during a later visit. Companies can also promote their surveys by using contests, where those who complete surveys are entered for an opportunity to win a large prize.

Businesses should consider the convenience of their surveys from their customer’s perspective. Having multiple methods of distributing their surveys can help companies raise the likelihood of getting a response. Organizations can use flyer printing to send questions to people by mail or can create an online survey that can be completed on mobile devices.

Survey questions can be redesigned to avoid being tedious to consumers while still collecting important data. Written responses should be limited to only a few questions, while multiple-choice options are best kept short and understandable.

Companies can use surveys to engage with their clients, such as publicly displaying responses so that consumers can see the collective opinions of other people. Businesses can show examples of how past survey submissions have helped establish changes that improved certain aspects of the company, which can inspire consumers to submit their opinions as well.