How businesses can redesign their signs to become more effective (2019/05/21)

Companies can use printing companies to create signs that display essential information to consumers, which can help businesses keep customers updated about new promotions and other corporate details.

Most consumers who enter a business tend to see up to 20% of the signs in the building and typically spend only about two seconds viewing the sign. Companies that want to ensure their signs are impacting customers should understand the methods behind effective advertisement design.

Many consumers quickly evaluate goods based on the shape, color, and legibility of its packaging from a distance. Marketers use the 20-10-5 rule to determine whether or not a product can effectively retain customer attention.

From 20 feet away, the display should stand out based on color and shape. At 10 feet away, clients should recognize what is being displayed. When a customer is 5 feet away from the packaging, all aspects of the display should be readable and easy to comprehend.

While the 20-10-5 rule is often used for product packages, the same concept can be applied to the signs used in a business. All signs should stand out to consumers from a distance, and as customers approach, they need to understand what the sign is trying to convey.

Businesses can also adjust the length of the message on their signs to align with the behavior of their consumers. Sections of the building where clients pass through quickly should have signs with shorter messages, since customers have less time to process the information displayed.