How businesses can use contests to engage with consumers (2019/10/08)

Social media marketing has continued to play a critical role in modern advertising campaigns, offering businesses a variety of options to market themselves. Companies can create online contests to better connect with their consumers while keeping them engaged with the brand.

Businesses can involve customers with their brand by letting people help decide new logos, slogans, or product variations through contests. Companies can offer prizes to followers who have the best submissions. The brand receives free advertising through the fan-submitted content while also positively interacting with their audience.

Some contests only ask consumers to submit pictures taken alongside purchased products to enter, where winners would be selected randomly. Photo-based competitions can provide businesses with proof of concept for their products, showing viewers that the company delivers on quality through testimonials.

Contests can allow businesses to increase the number of consumers on their mailing list. Entering emails can be set as a requirement before people are eligible to win a prize, allowing companies to send promotions to the inboxes of potential customers directly. Businesses that want to raise their follower count can also make following them on social media part of the eligibility requirements.

Companies can use printing services to create branded corporate gifts to send out as prizes to those who win the contests. People who win will receive additional exposure to the brand through thoughtful presents from the business. Winning consumers will likely feel a stronger sense of loyalty towards the brand due to being selected.