How businesses can use sustainability practices to increase consumer interest (2019/03/26)

The number of customers who are pushing for environmentally friendly alternatives has recently increased, with over 65% of consumers self-identifying themselves as belief-driven buyers.

Customers who follow this ideology believe that companies have a social responsibility to benefit the world rather than maintaining a profit.

These belief-driven buyers actively choose to support businesses they feel are making contributions to the environment, which is why companies can benefit from learning about current consumer interests and working toward marketing themselves as socially responsible.

Businesses are no stranger to working with printing companies to market their goods and services. Every time a company uses services like flyer or poster printing, they have an opportunity to appeal to a large portion of modern consumers.

People are more likely to work with brands that demonstrate environmentally conscious traits, so switching to using eco-friendly materials that reduce waste and leaves a lower carbon footprint will raise customer opinions of the business. Companies can even advertise practices such as planting a certain number of trees after using printing services.

Investing in new technology can also help businesses be seen as socially responsible. Belief-driven buyers will use companies that reduce plastic waste by remodeling previous structures. Water fountains, for example, can be redesigned to accommodate reusable drinkware by dispensing liquid through an elevated nozzle.

Consumers have evolved to examine the business selling the goods and services before making their decision to purchase products. Companies need to grow with these changes to ensure people appreciate their brand, rather than villainize the corporation for failing to keep up with social expectations.